"I play with the symphony because our music touches and inspires the hearts of the audience, and we can see it in their eyes from stage."

- Laurie Howard, Violin & Chorus


"Communicating pure love to the audience through uplifting music and receiving positive responses from audience members afterward adds beauty and happiness to my life."

- Renee Smart, Chorus

Our Purpose

The Ensign Symphony & Chorus fills a unique space in the panoramic performing arts scene of the Puget Sound region. Nearly 200 singers and instrumentalists perform a broad repertoire of joyous music in the tradition of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, BBC Symphony Chorus and Westminster Symphonic Choir. Ensign's mission is to bless and uplift audiences in the greater Puget Sound region through professional quality performances of inspiring sacred and secular music. 

Led by Rob Archibald and Chase Chang, rigorously auditioned Ensign musicians (many with their own impressive soloist credits) infuse life-long university, church, and community ensemble training with a passion that is profoundly moving. Concerts for Ensign Symphony & Chorus are held in Seattle's world-class Benaroya Hall.  Auditions for the Symphony & Chorus are open to any who wish to share their talents to support the mission of the organization.

All members of Ensign Symphony & Chorus are volunteers including the Board of Directors, the Presidency, and musicians. Ensign Symphony & Chorus is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

"Like hugs, fuzzy blankets, and hot chocolate for our ears, hearts and souls!"

- Frequent attendee

"How magical it must be to be a part of something so huge and beautiful!"

- 4th grade teacher

"That concert was absolutely without a doubt the most amazing performance I have witnessed!"

- First-time Attendee


Behind the scenes of one of the most powerful shows in Seattle. Learn why the concerts and rehearsals mean so much to the performers.

Years in the making, this behind-the-scenes video captures some of the highs and lows of the monumental task of making a “simple” video. Go on the set with Jennifer, the actors, and the musicians involved.

A glimpse of what rehearsals are like when guest artists come to town. Alex Boye's well known piece, "I Want Jesus to Walk With Me" was one of the stars of the double-feature concert in July 2014.


It takes a small army to put on such amazing productions five times each year.  Please join us in expressing our gratitude to our staff for their countless volunteer hours.


Mary Ann Heine, Chair
Richard Rose, Treasurer/Secretary
Rob Archibald
Brenda Boyd
Neal Christiansen
Richard Manwaring
Spencer Oliver
Andy Pope


Andrew Pope, President
Brenda Boyd, Executive Secretary
Renée Smart, VP of Chorus
Julie Jarvis, VP of Symphony
Alan Doman, VP of Outreach
Kyler Harmon, VP of Development
Scott Sundblom, VP of Marketing
Gerlinde Gilmore, VP of Communications
Melinda Pidgeon, VP of Volunteerism
Jaime Kesterson, Bookkeeper



Rose Johnson, Personnel Director
Katherine Pak, Music Librarian


Debbi Bardsley, Chorus Recruiter
Candi Barth, Chorus Recruiter
Krista Lee Bement, Chorus Recruiter
Christa Bingham, Chorus Recruiter
Kim Church, Chorus Recruiter
Candace Duce, Social Events
Chris Hall, Rehearsal Venue
Joe Johnson, Music Librarian
Joe Jones, Prayer Coordinator
Sarah Loveless, Chorus Recruiter
Chantelle Oppie, Social Events
Diana Schill, Chorus Recruiter
Steve Snow, Chorus Recruiter
Stephen Weatherford, Rehearsal Pianist


Kerri Findlay, Ticketing Coordinator
Diana Schill, Asst. Ticketing Coordinator


Anne Christiansen, Email Campaigns
Gerlinde Gilmore, Photographer
Sarah Loveless, Social Media
Katie Sander Smith, Graphic Designer
Lee Zurligen, Editor


Chantelle Oppie, Historian


Teri Dallon, Costume Coordinator
Paula Church, Stage Decorations
Patty Lee, Stage Decorations