• Join the Chorus

    If you are interested in auditioning please complete the section below for further details and scheduling information. Your audition will include the following:

    • Sing without accompaniment a hymn or prepared solo
    • Sight singing / tonal memory evaluation
    • Sing simple scales to establish vocal range
    Preferred Part

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  • Join the Symphony

    Ensign Symphony auditions will be held February 4, 2017 and again Fall 2017.  Please complete the form to the right to sign up for auditions or for more information.

    Open positions include:

    • Principal Violin 2 (audition using Concertmaster requirements)
    • Principal Horn
    • ALL Strings - section
    • Clarinet 3 / Bass Clarinet
    • Horn - section
    • Trumpet - section
    • Percussion - section
    • Substitute positions for ALL instruments
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    Size limit for each file is 100 MB

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    • Staff Volunteer Contact Form

      Do you love inspirational choral and orchestral music, and have a gift for administration, community building & influencing, communications and/or other leadership skills? If so, Ensign Symphony & Chorus needs you! We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization supported through an amazing team of volunteers. You too can help bring professional-quality inspirational music to the greater Puget Sound region. Ensign Symphony & Chorus is currently seeking leaders in the following areas:

      • Leadership Recruiter
        • In order to maintain a strong and committed Presidency and Board of Directors despite normal attrition, the Leadership Recruiter is responsible for continually identifying possible new members of the leadership team.
        • The Leadership Recruiter works with the Presidency and Board of Directors to receive a comprehensive list of volunteers needed, writes job descriptions for each open position and actively advertises through the website, social media, through the Symphony & Chorus membership and other channels the available positions.
        • The Leadership Recruiter then acts as the first line of vetting with the candidates to assess their fit for the needs of the ensemble and directs candidates to the appropriate Presidency or Board member for further follow-up.
        • The Leadership Recruiter should possess a knack for detail orientation and people skills.
        • The Leadership Recruiter is an active advocate for a well-staffed organization and helps to drive staffing needs to ensure that good people are effectively utilized, thus enabling the success of the organization.
      • Board Member
        • The Board of Directors is responsible for the general management of the Ensign Symphony & Chorus non-profit organization.
        • The duties include establishing the organization’s strategic direction, financial planning, financial reporting and auditing, fundraising, community influence, legal compliance and reporting, etc.
        • Members of the Board attend a monthly 2 hour Board meeting and also devote a few more hours each month in their committee assignments.
      • Administrative Council Volunteer
        • We are always in need of additional helpers! We can use help with ticket sales, recruiting, video recording crew, audio and video post-production, photography, merchandise sales, commercial advertising, LDS ward and stake liaison, public relations, graphic design, social media, web development, web design, print advertising, donor relations and much more.
        • If you have some great skills that you think someone could use, give us a call. We probably could use your skills in our organization!
      How to Apply

      If you are interested in serving in one of these positions, please send a brief summary of your qualifications and interest or a copy of your resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Or you can fill out the form below:

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    • Ensign Children’s Chorus Frequently Asked Questions

      What is Ensign Symphony & Chorus?

      The Ensign Symphony & Chorus fills a unique space in the panoramic performing arts scene of the Puget Sound region. Nearly 200 singers and instrumentalists perform a broad repertoire of joyous music in the tradition of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, BBC Symphony Chorus and Westminster Symphonic Choir. Ensign seeks to “bless and uplift audiences in the greater Puget Sound region through professional quality performances of inspiring sacred and secular music.” 

      Led by Rob Archibald and Fabio Pirola, rigorously auditioned Ensign musicians (many with their own impressive soloist credits) infuse life-long university, church, and community ensemble training with a passion that is profoundly moving. Concerts for Ensign Symphony & Chorus are held in Seattle's world-class Benaroya Hall.

      In its 4th season, Ensign Symphony & Chorus has welcomed guest artists including Jenny Oaks Baker, Alex Boye, Dallyn Vail Bayles, Craig Jessop, Jennifer Thomas, GENTRI and Hilary Weeks to perform with us at Benaroya. Hailed by audience members as the “Mormon Tabernacle Choir of the Northwest”, “absolutely angelic” and “Straight from heaven”, Ensign Symphony & Chorus delights its audience with its stunning performances of moving, testimony-filled music.

      Why a children’s choir?

      When we began planning for our 2016-2017 season, our May concert happened to be scheduled for the same week as Mother’s Day. If there was ever a time to try out a children’s choir, this was the concert. So, we’re adding children’s choir for this concert. We can’t think of a better way to celebrate mothers than to include the testimony of youth and children.

      How do I sign up?

      • If you cannot make either of these meeting times, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange for an alternative audition time.

      What is an audition like?

      • Students will be asked to sing a song of their choice A Cappella. The style can be diverse: Pop, Classical, Broadway, Hymn, etc. They will be evaluated on pitch rhythm, diction, stage presence, and vocal quality and strength.
      • Students will be asked to sing a major scale in a different order (Sol-Mi-Fa-Re-Mi-Do-Re-Ti-Do, or G-E-F-D-E-C-D-B-C) in various keys. Listen and practice.

      When will I find out if I made it into the chorus?

      • Within 1 week of your audition date

      How much does it cost? How can I pay?

      • A $80 fee covers performance attire, music and a small tuition. Performance attire and music are yours to keep after the performance. Payment can be made by check or credit card, and must be paid in full before the first rehearsal on March 16th. Unfortunately, we cannot accept monthly or other periodic payments

      What is the refund policy?

      • 100% refund prior to the first rehearsal on March 16, 2017
      • No refunds after March 16, 2017

      What is the rehearsal schedule? How many rehearsals do I need to attend?

      • Rehearsals are from 6:30-8:00 pm (note this is a change from the original plan due to potential participant feedback) on Thursdays from March 16, 2017 – May 4, 2017
      • Mandatory dress rehearsal is May 5, 2017.
      • Students need to attend at least 75% of the rehearsals and the dress rehearsal to perform
      • Performance is May 8, 2017

      What is the age limit? Is my child eligible?

      • Children and Youth from 8-18 years of age may participate
      • Age is determined as of March 16, 2017. Sorry, no exceptions.

      What is expected of parents?

      • In order for Ensign Children’s Choir to succeed we will need a few volunteers to help during rehearsal and performance. We hope that many parents will be willing to help! Volunteers will need a background check and to take an online “youth protection” training class
        • Audition coordinator – Greet and register potential students, crowd control at auditions
        • Chaperone – Ensure everyone is where they need to be at rehearsal and performance
        • Rehearsal Pianist – Assist musically by playing piano for rehearsals

      What is expected of students?

      • Students should be capable of participating in and remaining engaged in a rigorous, but fun 1-hour rehearsal
      • Students will receive practice tracks (mp3) as well as sheet music. Students are expected to practice and learn the material outside of rehearsal. Publicity/photo information
      • All students will be required to complete a publicity/photo release form

      How do I get tickets for the concert?

      • Tickets may be purchased through Benaroya Hall (online, phone, or at box office), or at select Ensign Children’s Choir rehearsals

      What future does the children’s chorus have beyond this concert?

      Even when we began planning for the Ensign Symphony & Chorus in October 2012, we had wanted to start a children’s chorus too. The mission of the Ensign Symphony & Chorus is to “bless and uplift” and we knew that we could reach more people and bless more lives if the Ensign Symphony & Chorus family included youth and children in addition to adults. But, with limited musical and administrative leadership resources, ultimately we had to focus initially on the adult portion of the ensemble.

      When the 2016-2017 season was planned, we determined that it would be a great benefit to the May concert to include a children’s choir. But, just as exciting as it is for us to include children in this concert, we’re equally excited to use this concert to determine what interest and volunteer help there is available for an ensemble like this which can continue beyond this one event. If there is sufficient interest and excitement, we would love to create an official Ensign Children’s Chorus (or whatever we decide to name it) that can become the newest member of the Ensign Symphony & Chorus family.

      If you are interested in seeing a children’s chorus added to the Ensign Symphony & Chorus family, here’s how you can help make that happen.

      1. Invite others to participate in the ensemble – it’s more fun with friends, plus it helps us reach critical mass sooner. We do not currently have a limit on the number of singers we will allow in, so you aren’t adding “competition” for limited slots.
      2. Volunteer to help – “many hands make light work” so join in the fun as a youth or adult volunteer. See above for the children’s choir positions we need filled today (note that not all positions are listed so feel free to reach out to the leadership to learn what other positions are available). And, feel free to help out with the adult ensemble if you find a better fit for your skills there. Whether you help out in the children’s chorus or assist with the adult ensemble, your help makes it easier for us to spread out the breadth of the organization.
      3. Invite your friends and family to the concert – ticket sales are a huge part of how we fund the organization AND our audience is a huge part of how we meet our mission to “bless and uplift”. We would love to have every concert sold out.
      4. Share your enthusiasm – talk about your love for the group with the leadership, share about your experiences on social media, blog about us, etc. Help us generate a buzz about the children’s choir.

      What would an Ensign Children’s Chorus be like?

      How often would it perform and where? We don’t know yet. We know that we’d like a children’s choir to perform with the adult ensemble 1-2 times per year at Benaroya Hall and that we’d like the children’s choir to perform on its own as well, but that’s about all we know. Any other details would have to be decided. Feel free to share your hopes and dreams.

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