Our leadership team is made up entirely volunteers with expertise in music and business that further our non-profit mission.


Anne Christiansen – Interim President
Sharla Dance – President, Youth & Children’s Choirs
Jodi Fowles – VP of Branding
Elaine Tsang – VP of Volunteerism
Renée Smart – VP of Chorus
Julie Jarvis – VP of Symphony
Sharla Dance – VP of Youth Chorus
Jennifer Stallings – VP of Communications
Maggie Reno – Assistant VP of Communications
Scott Sundblom – VP of Marketing
Jaime Kesterson – Treasurer


Spencer Oliver – Chairperson
Neal Christiansen – Vice Chairperson
Brenda Boyd
Rob Archibald – Artistic Director
Chris Hall
Richard Manwaring
Gary Smart – Financial Officer
Bryon Madsen

Volunteer Team

It takes a small army to put on such amazing productions five times each year. Please join us in expressing our gratitude to our staff for their countless volunteer hours.


Krista Lee Bement – Lead Chorus Recruiter
Kim Church – Chorus Recruiter
Candace Duce – Social Events
Chris Hall – Rehearsal Venue Coordinator
Joe Johnson – Music Librarian
Rob Musselman – Prayer Coordinator
Sarah Loveless – Chorus Recruiter
Chantelle Oppie – Social Events, Historian
Diana Schill – Chorus Recruiter
Steve Snow – Chorus Recruiter
Sue Smith – Accountant
Stephen Weatherford – Rehearsal Pianist


Christine Gifford – Costume Coordinator
Chris Hall
Peter Henderson


Kerri Findlay – Ticketing Coordinator


Rose Johnson – Personnel Director
Titan Rodick – Music Librarian


Marcie Candland – Accompanist
Peter Crossley  – Technical Support
Buckland Darrell – Technical Support
Sharla Dance – Conductor
Nicki Lasky – Assistant Conductor
Hannah Nielsen – Assistant Conductor
Van Oler – Technical Support
Jen Olsen – Accompanist
Stephanie Shipley – Assistant Conductor
Dawn Zorer – Music Librarian


Anne Christiansen – Email Campaigns
Candace Duce – Social Media
Gerlinde Gilmore – Photographer
Sarah Loveless – Social Media
Maggie Reno – Web & Graphic Designer
Nadine Sundblom – Social Media