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The First Noel with GENTRI

A stunning two-night performance with guest performers GENTRI, to a packed house.  What a great cap to the Christmas Season!


Season Four Announced

Preview the 2016-2017 season, "Master's Hand," with guest artists GENTRI and Hilary Weeks.

Remembering What We Love About America

Watch a mini-spot of "America the Beautiful" from one of Ensign Symphony & Chorus' July concerts

Ensign Members Share Their Experiences

Behind the scenes of one of the most powerful shows in Seattle. Learn why the concerts and rehearsals mean so much to the performers.

Ensign Follows the Lead of Craig Jessop

World-renowned Craig Jessop, former conductor of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir lends his conducting arm, and excitement for music, for a special night.

Maestro Fabio Pirola and the Symphony

Captivating once again with Dvorak's 9th, Fabio Pirola and the Ensign Symphony demonstrate their skill once again, tackling this beloved and challenging piece.

Jennifer Thomas Records Original Track with Ensign Chorus

Ensign Chorus recorded audio and video with rising star Jennifer Thomas. Thrilling music, captivating storyline, and a life-shifting experience for all involved.

Behind the Scenes: Rehearsal with Alex Boye

A glimpse of what rehearsals are like when guest artists come to town. Alex Boye's well known piece, "I Want Jesus to Walk With Me" was one of the stars of the double-feature concert in July 2014.

Maestro Fabio Pirola Proves the Ensign Symphony w/ Tchaikovsky 4:4

Making a splash into the Seattle symphonic realm, Fabio Pirola and the Ensign Symphony drew the attention of some of the most sophisticated Seattleites away from a nearby performance. Listen and you’ll understand why.

Behind the Scenes: Recording and Filming Alleluia Album w/ Jennifer Thomas

Years in the making, this behind-the-scenes video captures some of the highs and lows of the monumental task of making a “simple” video. Go on the set with Jennifer, the actors, and the musicians involved.

From Ensign's First Concert: Jenny Oaks Baker

Ensign Symphony & Chorus' inaugural concert featured guest artist Jenny Oaks Baker, a grammy-nominated violistist that captivated the audience with both familiar and new melodies.